Youth Group

         Meet our Youth Leader, Wally Brewer:

Mr. Brewer has three children of his own, and enjoys working with the youth of Prayer Baptist. He is a God called preacher who continues to

teach / preach to the children and adult alike. He studies often, to grow closer to God and to be able to deliver the messages / lessons according

to the will of God. He also serves as one of our church deacons and loves the church family greatly! 

Below are some photos of the last couple VBS day camps. Our VBS continues to grow each year and we enjoy the time we get to plant the

seeds of the Gospel to all of the ones who attend, both young and older. We pray that we can always follow God's will and desire in our

activities, lessons and events.


Youth Events / Youth Nights

Every fourth Sunday night we host a youth night, ages 4 and up. Mr. Wally Brewer brings a lesson to the children and

we play games and eat. The children really seem to enjoy the fellowship and fun together. We would love to have your

children join us. Below are some photos of our past events and youth night fun.

Prayer Box

Our youth group was excited to place a Community Prayer Box in front of the church. We check it weekly and the youth has a part in

helping pray for the needs left. Requests can be made anonymously or with your name, either way God knows the need and we hope

to be a beacon of light in the community.