Rick Holcombe

(Pictured above with his wife Stacie and son Tommy) 

A long time church member and God called preacher.

Rick works at King Asphalt and is able to often witness

to and preach to his coworkers on the job. He also helps

lead our VBS program each year as well as teaches

Sunday school and fills in on occasion for our pastor. 

Wally Brewer

 (Pictured above with his wife Elizabeth and three

children, Cayden, Annabelle and William)

Wally has grown in age and spiritually under the

 preaching of Pastor Anthony, as well as accepted the

call to be a preacher. He also leads our youth group

helps lead our VBS and teaches Sunday school.  

Terry Brewer

(Pictured above with his wife Susan and his

grandchildren, Julia, Annabelle, Cael, Luke,

Cayden, Jack and William)

Terry is an honest, faithful man of God who

enjoys serving his church family. He has been a

member of Prayer for many years and loves the

church and his family, especially being a Papa.