Prayer Baptist

Pastor Anthony and Lisa have been married for 34 years.  The Lord has blessed them with three

children; Hannah, Emily and Bo; two son in laws Cliff and Shawn; as well as four grandchildren,

CJ, Connor, Westin and Savannah. All of the family love to sing for the Lord. Pastor Anthony was

saved on January 19th, 1989 at Enoch Baptist Church. After being saved he served the Lord as

a songwriter  and singer, teacher, song leader and Deacon. In 1994, Pastor Anthony moved his

membership to Mile Creek Baptist Church. Then in January, 1999, he surrendered to preach the

Gospel. In September, 1999, God   opened a door to preach at Prayer Baptist Church where God

has blessed in the ministry. Through God's guidance, many souls have been saved. Pastor Anthony

loves the congregation and continues to support, love, pray for and most of all minister to us all

through God's word. Pastor Anthony's wife Lisa is a wonderful Christian lady, who enjoys teaching

some of the children in Sunday school. She often writes songs for worship of the Lord and has been

a blessing to us all, as God works through her. The growth of our congregation has  allowed us to

build a new sanctuary and continue to make strides for the Lord.  We are excited to see how God

will bless in the days to come!

Pastor and Family